The Intermission


12 July
9 October

On Monday July 12th 2021, the exhibition space The Intermission inaugurates the solo exhibition of Nicos Baikas.

Nicos Baikas was born in Piraeus in 1948 and lives in Athens.

Personal exhibitions of his works have been held in Europe and in the U.S.; he has also taken part in many international group exhibitions, as well as in Documenta IX in 1992. His works can also be found in museum collections, including those of MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Art in Rome, SMAK Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent, the Neue Galerie state Museum in Kassel and in other significant collections.

Nicos Baikas’ art has created a rare body of images over the years, together with a complex system of reflections on the image itself. He uses a pencil to create his images and regards it as an integral part of his name. The exhaustive covering of a paper surface using a pencil has, in recent years, frequently been guided by an increasingly rigorous structure and geometry. His works have been described as pictorial essays. His work as a whole is a form of research into knowledge. Baikas investigates the underlying structures of reality and creates theorems on them.